All know that the lungs are the main organs, which are affected by a person suffering from COVID-19 and a severe condition (pneumonia) often leads to death. This is why our lungs require continuous medical monitoring in the pandemic period, primarily to prevent hypoxemia (low blood oxygen level).

Want to be under 24/7 control of professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our mobile applications allow you to do it.

What do you need to apply them?

  • Smartphone with Android OS.
  • Garmin mobile device (wearables) with pulse oximeter.
  • Download two mobile applications: HealthyLungs Patient to your smartphone and HealthyLungs Doctor to your doctor smartphone.

Result: your doctor will remote monitor your lung function, specifically blood oxygen saturation level and pulse, 24/7 regardless of your location: at home, at work, in the hospital. He sees the running data and the history of the readings of their patients, as well as messages about the critical condition of the patient.

Remote monitoring of lung function can be performed by another person instead of a doctor, for example someone from the family if an older or disabled person is monitored, a coach who monitors the state of team members, etc.

The processing of patient personal data in the HealthyLungs system complies with the recommendations of the GDPR.

Mobile applications HealthyLungs Patient and HealthyLungs Doctor, and instructions for their use:

Download doctor instructions

Download patient instructions